Aluminium Edged Table Tops

DeFrae create bespoke laminate table tops with a ridged aluminium edge in an array of colours and sizes.

Tops are made with a MDF chipboard core and wrapped with a laminate of your choice and available in different shapes and sizes. Flat aluminium edge, thickness 30mm.

Made to order in a range of sizes in mms
Circular – Ø590, Ø690, Ø790, Ø890, Ø990, Ø1190, Ø1290
Square – 590×590, 690×690, 790×790, 890×890
Rectangular – 990×590, 1090×690, 1190×790, 1290×790, 1390×790, 1590×790, 1590×890

These retro style table tops give that American Diner feel.

They are stain and heat resistant and need little maintenance.

Aluminium laminate table tops work beautifully in American Diner style restaurants, bars, coffee shops and shake and dessert parlours.

Colours Available


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