Banquette Seating

Bespoke Banquette Seating by DeFrae

Bespoke seating, sometimes known as booth, banquet or banquette seating, adds a real touch of comfort and style to any restaurant, hotel, bar or coffee shop.

Our bespoke seating is handmade in the UK by our experienced craftsmen.

Working together with you, your Architect or Designer, our bespoke booth seating service includes site survey, creation of initial plans, wide choice of fabrics and final design sign-off.

We manufacture, deliver and install within a timescale agreed by all parties.

Seating is upholstered in the fabric of your choice including velvet, faux leather, boucle, floral designs or your own material (COM).

DeFrae offer a wide range of options including American diner style booth seating, curved or U- shaped booths, cafe style bench seating or also straight run seating.

Whether a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, club, office or any other hospitality venue, our bespoke seating team can create something special.

Have a look here at our range of options including panelled back, button back, plain back, horizontal and also vertical fluting.  For more examples visit our portfolio page to see our range of work.

Scallop Fluting Banquette Seating at Clean Hearts Cafe London by DeFrae Contract Furniture

Vertical Fluting Banquette Seating

Vertical fluting brings a contemporary look to any venue. This style is popular for straight units as well as individual booths. This fluting is also available in various depths, heights and scallop style rounded tops.

Vertical fluting adds definition and curvature to your bespoke banquette seating. A modern seating choice for restaurants and dining environments alike.

Button Back Banquette Seating

Button back banquette seating never goes out of style.

We handcraft our button detail fixed seating in a range of style options including Deep button, Shallow buton, Floating buttons, square stiched button, Chesterfield button or you can also create your own style.

Plain Back Banquette Seating

A plain back option gives a clean look to any contract environment and a head roll feature is also available. An ideal bespoke seating option for any restaurant, coffee shop, bar or hotel.


Booth seating helps create comfortable intimacy, privacy in a semi-enclosed and more uniformed space. Typically arranged back to back in a restaurant, diner or coffee shop.

Create a retro and American diner-style look, horizontal fluting is a great option. Dimensions are variable in order to create exactly the look you want for your bespoke seating and the number of rolls is up to you from 3 to 15, the choice is yours. That sweet style look can be created for Ice Cream parlours, Milkshake Bars and cafes.

Our booth seating options are styled to your exact requirements with a choice of upholstery options including classic plain, button, quilted, fluted vertically or horizontally.



A workspace booth or pod provides a much need space for quiet time, brainstorming or client meetings.

Working with your office fit-out teams, we create bespoke office seating solutions including booths, pods, snugs, cabins, phone booths and also breakout area seating.

Our team of bespoke seating experts can help create a new workspace for your teams to help drive efficiency and productivity.


Our team of specialist carpenters and upholsters can create your sofa in your own vision, to cover any space.  Working with you or your designer to maximise space, design and comfort.

Are you looking for booths, circular (u shaped) or curved seating, trying to fill a space that won’t fit a table?  Speak to our team and we can help maximise the space for you to help increase covers.

Upholstery of Banquettes

Have existing banquette seating or booths?  Need to give them a refresh rather than add new seating?  Our re-upholstery service can help bring them back to life.

Choosing Your Fabrics

DeFrae work with all the largest suppliers of contract grade fabrics in the world.

If you are a designer or contractor call us for more information and range of pricing per square metre and our upholstery pages for our ranges of designer fabrics, leathers, faux leathers / vinyls, velvet, boucle and also textured fabrics.



Please let us know more about what you're looking for.

What is Banquette Seating?

The word Banquette derives from French word banqueta and means literally, banc bench. Banquette seating is normally a long upholstered bench that is fixed to the wall. Each bench is created exactly to the size requirements of each individual restaurant, hotel, coffee shop or also now many homes. It helps to create an initimate dining experience and helps to save space by allowing tables to be closer together.

There is no real industry standard or fire code for distances between tables that sit along from a banquette bench. We would recommend around 40 cms as a minimum to allow for guests to exit safely in an emergency. The back of the banquette is normally between 8-15 cms deep depending on the style chosen. Deep button and fluted styles need a deeper back to allow the fabric to be rolled into place to create the final look.  The seat of the banquette is normally 45 cms deep.

What is Booth Seating?

Booth seating provides a comfortable, enclosed, private space for diners, clubbers and meetings. Normally an upholstered seat that can fit 2, 3, 4 or more people per side. Used in diners, restaurants and nightclubs to help create a more intimate social setting with some privacy. Arranged in pairs normally but we can create single booths with or without upholstered backs.

DeFrae create bespoke seating that is made specifically for hospitality or office environments with high footfall areas where the seating is used continously. We recommend only the strongest fabrics including leather, faux leather and velvets with stringent rub tests. As with all our contract furniture, our bespoke seating is fire proofed flame resistant with Crib5 foam to the strict EU and UK standards.